Only a pure performance counts!

Virtuoos deliberately chooses to have every product batch approved by authorized and certified laboratories. This process starts with stringent identity and quality checks of the raw materials, thorough quality checks during the production process and meticulous final checks of the finished product. All batches comply with the standard norms of NZVT and are tested for the absence of doping related substances.

The purity of our supplements is independently tested in an appropriately qualified and certified laboratory. This is how Virtuoos offers the highest possible quality and safety and how you – the professional athlete – can be carefree and concentrate on what really matters: a healthy lifestyle and great performances.

The Dutch Safeguards System for Dietary Supplements in Elite Sport (NZVT)

The NZVT is a unique system set up in collaboration with several sports organizations, manufacturers and suppliers of dietary supplements. By solely using supplements that are part of the NZVT system athletes will have the highest possible assurance that their dietary supplements do not contain doping.

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Largest doping-free assortment in the world

Due to the NZVT logo on Virtuoos’ packaging, one can immediately see which supplements provide the most certainty regarding purity. With 30 different products, Virtuoos’ @SPORT-line is the largest doping-free sports supplement line in the world.