Dairy is an important part of our basic diet and a ‘must’ in the diet of every athlete. However, there are times when sport-specific nutrition is necessary, such as high-quality dairy proteins that contribute to physical recovery (building and maintaining your muscles) after exercise. Virtuoos uses, among other things, dairy proteins from FrieslandCampina DMV and provides a significant part of the Dutch top athletes with high-quality milk proteins. 

Dutch milk
FrieslandCampina pays a lot of attention to quality and responsible production. The development of high-quality proteins starts with the best quality milk. FrieslandCampina dairy farmers deliver the milk from which the proteins are extracted to FrieslandCampina DMV. Because FrieslandCampina manages the entire chain, it is possible to control this entire process according to high quality standards.

The proteins from FrieslandCampina DMV and processed into Virtuoos products come from one of the largest milk processing plants in the world. The milk is pasteurized here (heated to 72°C) and checked for quality. First, the milk is skimmed off, creating skimmed milk. There are two different proteins in milk: 80% of the milk protein consists of casein protein and 20% of whey protein. These protein fractions are split off and each dried to a powder with a protein content between 80-90% protein. 

Casein Gold
With splitting in the factory, casein is formed (on the packaging referred to as calcium caseinate). Casein protein is obtained by acidifying the milk, after which it is neutralized again by adding calcium. This production method makes it possible to get a pure form of casein; there is hardly any whey protein in the end product, and in addition the lactose content is very low (<0.2%). Taking Casein Gold leads to a slow release of amino acids into the body (Boirie, 1997). Scientific studies show that over a period of 6 hours, casein and whey protein lead to steady muscle mass synthesis (Reitelseder, 2011) and can result in increased muscle mass and muscle strength (Snijder, 2015). 

Whey Recovery Gold
Whey protein is known as a protein released from cheese production, but the whey proteins used in Whey Recovery Gold come directly from fresh milk. This results in a pure whey protein with a higher leucine (15%) content compared to whey protein that is released after cheese production. Leucine is an amino acid that plays a key role in the production of muscle tissue. In addition, whey protein produces a rapid release of amino acids in the blood (Boirie, 1997), which contributes to optimal  recovery.

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