Cyclists make conscious choices when it comes to nutrition. A balanced trainings program with sufficient recovery and the right meals is what the performance program is all about. Supplements play an important supporting role, which we explain in this next blog

Supplements are used by the riders of Jumbo-Visma on a daily basis. A varied and healthy meal plan is the most important thing, but with the right supplements we can provide our riders with extra nutrients.

A deliberate choice is always made when it comes to the usage of supplements for the riders of Jumbo-Visma. The most important question we always ask ourselves: does a supplement provide a rider with any added value? For example, a rider might have an increased risk of a Vitamin D shortage in the winter, so we will provide that rider with Vitamin D supplements.

Throughout the year, the riders of Jumbo-Visma use the same supplements from Virtuoos for a general health benefits: Multi Health Support Gold (without B6), Omega-3 and D3-3000 IU Gold. Extra supplements might be added for specific needs, such as extra protein after a tough training ride.

“A varied and healthy meal plan is very important”

But supplements play a supporting role

The goal of using supplements is to stay fit. the riders of Jumbo-Visma have an increased risk of getting ill as they travel a lot (air conditioner environments) and get in touch with a lot of different people (fans, team staff, hotel staff, etc.). If a rider starts to feel ill, we add Vitamin C1000 Goldand Zinc Goldsupplements to his meal plan, besides adding extra recovery time to his program.

We want to limit this risk as much as possible as getting the flu can drop back the performance of a rider for 2 to 4 weeks. The first few days, the rider is ill, followed by a trial-and-error period testing what his body can handle in terms of the intensity of a training. Days pass by quickly before a rider can handle the tough trainings and get back up to his old level. Of course, the exact effect of an illness on performance varies per rider.

The riders of Jumbo-Visma consume their supplements during breakfast. The moment of the day is not that important, but a daily consumption is in order to get that supporting effect besides the regular, healthy meals. A fixed moment of the day ensures that the usage of supplements has become a habit for our riders.

Daily usage of supplements is not restricted to World Tour cyclists, it supports everyone’s general health condition. The choice of supplements depends on your lifestyle. Are you performing a lot of endurance sports, such as cycling or running? We recommend you to start using Multi Health Support Gold (without B6)and Krill Omega-3 Gold on a daily basis, and to add D3-3000 IU Gold supplements during the winter. It will help you to stay healthy and, in that way, you can keep on training rather than risking a drop in performance due to getting the flu. Invest in proper supplements prior to “short cut” investments. The longer the period you can train in a row, the better your performance will get in the long run.

One more tip: make it a ritual, just like the riders of Jumbo-Visma, so you won’t forget to take your supplement(s)! For example, put your Virtuoos supplements next to your coffee machine and take them while your coffee is brewing.

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