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Our sports nutrition accessories help you prepare your sports nutrition product or protein shake in an instant. The Tacx Shiva bidon is perfect for dissolving sports nutrition products or for taking water with you. The shaker is ideal for making a protein shake to drink after intensive training, or for drinking water during strength training. The Virtuoos shaker bottle and bidon are easy to use, are BPA free, do not leak, and are dishwasher safe. Buy these sports nutrition accessories easily in our online store!

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Sports nutrition accessories

Sports nutrition accessories are available in all types and sizes. At Virtuoos we have the two most important sports nutrition accessories in our range. The Virtuoos protein shaker and the Virtuoos Tacx Shiva bidon. Both accessories are of high quality and are easy to clean.

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Buy the protein shaker easily in our online store. Many a top-level athlete has started his or her recovery with the Virtuoos shaker bottle. The Virtuoos shaker bottle is BPA free, does not leak and comes in a sporty, virtuoso colour! The easy-to-use screw top and wide drinking nozzle also make this shaker stand out from the rest. And, as the shaker itself is also wide, it is easy to use and clean. Insert the supplied mixing grid in the shaker to make mixing even easier and guarantee lump-free drinks.

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Buy the bidon used most often by Dutch top-level athletes? The Tacx Shiva bidon screw lid and large opening make it a popular choice among athletes and top-level athletes. This makes the bidon leak free and easy to fill and clean. The Tacx Shiva bidon is also BPA free and dishwasher safe. Buy the Virtuoos Tacx Shiva bidon easily in our online store!

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