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A collection of supplements to use for specific purposes can be found below. There are also supplements you can use to improve your performance as well as supplements that can help with weight management or injury recovery. Read more about these supplements or take the online supplement test to discover which supplements are most beneficial for you!

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Performance supplements

Supplements can be divided into various categories. They can be used for health, to achieve certain goals, or for immediate performance improvements. Virtuoos has four 4 different performance supplements. These are: Creatine Gold, Caffeine Gold, Beta Alanine Gold, and Sodium Bicarbonate Gold. Each of these supplements works in its own way to improve your performance.

Weight loss and supplements

Supplements can offer additional support during a period of weight loss. Under the weight loss category, you can find all the supplements that can help during a period of weight loss. When losing weight, it is important that you use more energy than you consume. Your body will then start to use the energy reserves stored in your body (body fat).

For athletes, this often means reducing energy consumption via their diet. If you consume less food, you also consume less vitamins and minerals. That’s why a multivitamin is often advised during a period of weight loss. Metabolism Gold is a supplement that stimulates fat burning. With a good diet and enough exercise and training, this supplement can give you that bit extra to help you reach your goal.

Supplements for health

Good health is the foundation of outstanding performance. That’s why Virtuoos focuses on optimizing the health of every athlete. The health supplement category offers a huge range of vitamins and minerals to support your health.

As well as vitamins and minerals, other nutrients and supplements can also contribute to keeping you healthy. For instance, there are supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics. We also have supplements to support joints and aid sleep.

Receive personal advice on supplements

If you’d like to know which vitamins and supplements would be most beneficial for you, take the online supplement test and discover your Xtra%!

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