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Running (Long distance)

As a dedicated runner, you want your body to be in peak condition. Good health is essential for getting your best performance out of every run. For that you need a healthy diet, adequate rest, and low levels of stress. Supplements can also contribute to further supporting your running performance. Read on to see which supplements may be interesting for you as a runner.

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The best supplements for runners

Every runner is different, meaning that each one requires different supplements to best support their running performances. For complete advice on which supplements would be best for you as a runner, do the online supplements test. As a good foundation is vital for all runners, the following supplements could benefit all runners:

Caffeine can also be an interesting supplement for runners, as you can use it before a run for some extra energy and a mental boost.

Sports nutrition for runners

Carbohydrates and running are inextricably linked. Many runners load carbs the day before an important run, because carbohydrates are the most important fuel for dedicated runners. During a long run, it is especially important to consume extra carbohydrates via sports nutrition. Maurten’s sports nutrition products are perfect for this. These sports drinks and energy gels are specially designed to prevent gastrointestinal complaints. Maurten’s unique formula has gained immense popularity among Olympic athletes, including the elite athlete Eliud Kipchoge.

Protein shake after a run

Proteins contribute to muscle recovery after an intensive run and help runners become stronger and faster. While you are working out or competing in an event, tiny tears develop in your muscles. Proteins help your body to repair these tears and make your muscles stronger than they were before the workout session or event. A whey protein shake after a run is a simple way to immediately improve your recovery and training adaptations.

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