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We have put together a number of packages for running especially for dedicated runners. The package Running – Support for the enthusiastic amateur runner and the package Running – Performance for professional runners. Both packages contain different supplements that represent the foundations for the health and recovery of runners. Read on below for more information on what’s in the packages.

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Packages for running

Running – Support:

  • Multi Oxidant Control
  • Whey Classic Gold
  • Magnesium Gold

The package Running – Support provides a foundation of supplements to optimally support your health and recovery. This means that you can make optimal use of every training session as well as achieve your best times at competitive running events.

Running – Performance:

  • Multi Health Support
  • Whey Classic Gold
  • Omega-3 Gold
  • Magnesium Gold

The package Running – Performance was developed for runners who participate in national or international competitive events. By optimizing your recovery and health, you can start every competition in peak condition and set your new best time.

Magnesium for runners

Magnesium is an important mineral for runners, because magnesium is involved in muscle functioning and supports your energy metabolism. As a dedicated runner, you definitely don’t want to have a magnesium deficiency. That is why many runners take magnesium supplements each day. This is why we have included magnesium in both packages for running.

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