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Mineral supplements can be used by people with an increased need for certain minerals, or by people with a diagnosed deficiency or specific complaints. Sufficient mineral intake enables you to achieve peak physical performance and reach your full potential! If you want to know whether you would benefit from extra mineral supplements, take the online supplements test.

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Mineral supplements

Mineral supplements can be used to supplement your daily diet or to rectify any deficiencies. You can sometimes have an increased need for a certain mineral. In such cases, mineral supplements are a perfect solution.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are substances our bodies need to stay healthy. These vitamins and minerals are particularly important for athletes, as they help maximize your results. A multivitamin supplement provides you with a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Specific supplements can be great way to ensure that you get enough of a certain vitamin or mineral if you have an increased need or a deficiency.

Increased need for minerals

Athletes often have an increased need for magnesium. This mineral is mainly found in wholegrain products and green leafy vegetables. Many athletes decide to supplement their diet with a magnesium supplement.

It is not uncommon for athletes to experience fatigue from time to time. There are many potential causes for this. Magnesium and iron are two minerals that can help reduce fatigue. A vitamin B12 supplement can also help with fatigue.

People who do not eat much meat, such as vegetarians and vegans, also run a risk of certain deficiencies. Vitamin B12 is the most well-known potential deficiency, as this vitamin is found almost exclusively in animal products. But minerals including iron and zinc are also absorbed better from animal products, which means that vegetarians and vegans could potentially be deficient in these. That is why these groups can also decide to take certain mineral supplements.

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