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We have formulated two Virtuoos football packages especially for footballers. These packages were developed to offer optimal support to you as footballer. You can select the Amateur/Semi-Professional or the Professional Football Professional Package, depending on your level. This ensures that you get all the nutrients you need as footballer.

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Virtuoos and Football

Virtuoos has been active in the footballing world for many years. Long-term and intensive partnerships with various Premier League teams ensure that we keep on developing. We work with clubs including AZ, Vitesse, SC Heerenveen, and Heracles Almelo. This helps us stay on top of footballers’ needs and preferences.

We developed the Football Supplement Protocol to offer footballers additional support in selecting the right supplements. This protocol makes it easy to determine which supplements are best for you, based on your position, playing style, and targets.

Football packages

Amateur/Semi-Professional Football Package

  • Multi Oxidant Control Gold (without B6)
  • Krill Omega-3 Gold
  • Whey Classic Gold

The Amateur/Semi-Professional Football Package contains the ideal basic supplements for every footballer. These supplements stimulate health and recovery, ensuring that you walk out onto the pitch in peak fitness every week.

Professional Football Package

  • Multi Health Support Gold (without B6)
  • Krill Omega-3 Gold
  • Whey Recovery Gold
  • Magnesium Gold

The Professional Football Package is formulated especially for top-level footballers. The high-quality supplements support your development, recovery, and health, ensuring peak performance at each and every match.

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