Core Values


Based on our focus on quality, Virtuoos has specifically chosen a qualified Dutch enterprise for the product development and production. This is why Virtuoos, works together with Laboratorium Medisan, based in Heerenveen.

Laboratorium Medisan is an internationally renowned product developer and producer of ‘high valued products’ with active organic ingredients for the purpose of health at the core of its products. For that purpose, this enterprise has an academic innovation team and a modern pharmaceutical infrastructure (in compliance with the international GMP classification) at its disposal.

Virtuoos has deliberately chosen to have every product batch examined by licensed and certified laboratories. This check consists of a stringent identity – and quality inspection of all the resources used, followed by a careful quality inspection during the process of production and finalized by very precise inspection of the end product. The batches have to comply with the NZVT norms at all times and they have been tested on the absence of doping related substances. This way Virtuoos guarantees the quality and safety of its dietary supplements.

Another important distinguishing trait Virtuoos prices itself on is its product development by means of Co-creation. To Virtuoos, Co-creation is the process where individuals, groups or organisations are involved in the development of new –and innovative dietary supplements.

Because of the close ties our innovation team holds with the developer and producer of ‘high end’ health products, a renowned research centre and because of the effort of Virtuoos Omniscope, we are able to develop dietary supplements and tailor them to the needs of (professional) athletes and new users (specific consumer groups) in an efficient and focused way.

According to Co-creation, the goal of product development is to, together create solutions that will contribute to a common purpose, in this respect; effective and safe dietary supplements that correspond with the individual wishes and specific needs of our clients. In our opinion, the latter can only be realised with information from that area of expertise, thus: athletes, trainers, coaches, therapists, sports dieticians, personal trainers and others involved.

We deliberately choose qualified health care professionals and Personal Trainers to advise on and promote our dietary supplements because these people’s professional opinions add value to our products.

In our philosophy, everyone should do what he/she does best. Clients or patients of our purchasers (athletes) are assisted in their diagnose; tailor made treatment – or exercise programs and, if necessary, receive high quality and safe dietary supplements which will support or supplement their methods or exercise programs.

In this respect Virtuoos supports by advising and providing information, an efficient interaction with our clients is pivotal in this situation.