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Only pure performance counts!

At Virtuoos, we are committed to providing quality. We work exclusively with reliable partners and have every product batch tested by authorized and certified laboratories. This process begins with a strict identity and quality control of the raw materials used. Thorough quality checks are then carried out during the production process and the end product is also meticulously checked again.

All our batches meet the standards of the Nederlands Zekerheidssysteem Voedingssupplementen Topsport (Anti-Doping Authority for the Netherlands, NZVT) and are tested for the absence of doping-related substances. In addition to their outstanding quality, our supplements are also safe and reliable.

Contaminated supplements / doping

Research shows that as many as one in seven supplements contain banned substances (1). For a top athlete, this can lead to a failed doping test, with sometimes severe consequences. The NZVT system was implemented to prevent this from happening. Even if you’re not a top athlete, you still don’t want your supplements to contain undesirable substances.

In addition to potentially banned substances in supplements, it is common for supplements not to contain what is stated on the label (2). As a result, the desired effects may not take place or, even worse, adverse effects may occur.

Virtuoos only supplies products that meet the highest quality and safety requirements. In addition, we have all batches independently tested for the absence of doping-related substances. This ensures that all our products comply with NZVT standards. This allows you, as an athlete, to concentrate on what really matters: healthy living and achieving the best possible performance.

NZVT supplements

The NZVT is a unique system set up jointly by sports organizations and producers and suppliers of nutritional supplements. By using only supplements that are part of the NZVT system, athletes have the greatest possible certainty that their supplements are doping-free. For more information about NZVT supplements and doping visit

Largest doping-free product range in the world

Because all Virtuoos products carry the NZVT logo, Virtuoos has the largest range of doping-free products in the world. This means that as an athlete you can order all your supplements from Virtuoos without any worries or hesitation.



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