Virtuoos’ orange dietary supplements are always approved by the NZVT
Virtuoos has signed an agreement for promotional use with the NPN association to show the NZVT-logo on all orange dietary supplement packages.

This NZVT-logo on the packages is a direct way of communication which is highly desirable for professional athletes. Athletes will see the logo on the package in the store and know that these supplements are of the highest quality and do not contain any prohibited substances. The website of the NZVT is shown on the package as well. Virtuoos sees this as a positive development for the sports industry.

Next to the dope-free supplements we – and many athletes – like to see the NZVT-logo as a mark of quality. As of now Virtuoos is the only brand in the Benelux that does dope checks on every batch.

The requirement is that all batches of the product have to be tested.

NZVT in short
On this website you will find the names of the supplements that are inspected by the newly established Netherlands Security System Nutritional Supplements Elite Sports (NZVT) and are proven to be free of any dope-related substances.

The NZVT is a unique system that is established by sport organizations and producers of dietary supplements. By only using dietary supplements with the NZVT logo you will be sure that the dietary supplements you use do not contain dope. To have this certainty it is important that you only use supplements that are listed on the website of the NZVT. Other product-batch combinations and products that are not listed in the NZVT database do not offer this certainty.

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