Our story


Everyone who drives a passenger car benefits from developments in Formula 1 cars. Looking for a way to optimally support the body with dietary supplements is identical.

Virtuoos is an innovative Dutch company that focusses on developing and selling top-tier dietary supplements for athletes and people with a healthy and active lifestyle. A multidisciplinary academic team consisting of pharmacists, biochemists and business administrators amongst others are the driving force behind the brand Virtuoos.

To demonstrate quality, Virtuoos started developing dietary supplements for professional athletes in 2012. The first supplements were developed for the Olympic team that participated in the Olympics in London. These supplements were developed in cooperation with the core nutrition team of NOC*NSF. After that, Virtuoos started working on, what is now the largest doping-free sports supplements chain in Europe. Seventy percent of the Dutch professional athletes use Virtuoos’ dietary supplements to make up for shortages and/or surpluses (to enhance the immune system), to stop muscle tissue breakdown, to accelerate recovery or to stimulate muscle growth.

Top-class sport is about innovation, ambition and being able to bring out the best in yourself. Our products play a supplementary role in achieving that. In cooperation with top-class teams and by measuring the effects and performances, we are able to tailor our dietary supplements to human health even better.