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Weight Loss

Supplements can provide extra support during the process of losing or maintaining weight. A healthy diet that includes sufficient vitamins and antioxidants is essential. To lose weight, your body needs to utilize the energy reserves in your adipose (fat) tissue. This happens when you burn more energy than you consume via your diet (which is known as a ‘negative energy balance’). Our weight loss supplements can contribute to this negative energy balance.

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Weight loss supplements

We have developed Metabolism Gold especially for stimulating the metabolism. This supplement contains green tea extract with EGCG, which supports fat burning. This allows Metabolism Gold to give you that extra push to reach your weight goals¹.

Protein supplements during weight loss

As an athlete, you naturally want to maintain as much muscle mass as possible while you are losing weight. To achieve this, it is critically important to consume enough protein. Proteins also help to make your stomach feel full. Our protein supplements Whey Classic Gold, Whey Recovery Gold, and Casein Gold are an ideal and simple way to consume extra when losing weight.

Vitamin supplement when losing weight

When you want to lose weight, you’ll eat less food. However, that can also mean that you are not getting enough vitamins and minerals. To boost your energy metabolism, it is vital to have enough vitamins available. Therefore, a multivitamin supplement can be helpful during a period of weight loss.

¹ Health claims pending European authorization.

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