Multi Health Support Gold (without B6)

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Multi Health Support Gold (without B6) is an innovative and high-quality multivitamin that is carefully tailored to the needs of today’s athletes. This multivitamin also stands out, as it does not contain vitamin B6.

Contains 30 or 90 vegetarian capsules

Carefully formulated with optimum doses
Tailored to athletes’ needs
Does not contain vitamin B6
Contains the patented ingredient Pycnogenol®
One-month and three-month pack (30 vegetarian capsules and 90 vegetarian capsules)


Multi Health Support Gold (without B6) is an innovative multivitamin that is carefully tailored to the needs of today’s athletes. This high-quality multivitamin is one of the most frequently used multivitamins among Dutch top-level athletes.

Multi Health Support Gold (without B6) provides a wide range of vitamins and minerals to support your health. Vitamin C, iron, zinc and selenium boost your immunity and the B vitamins are important for your energy metabolism. To help your muscles function properly and reduce tiredness, this multivitamin also contains vitamin D, folic acid, iron, and potassium.

Why use a daily multivitamin?

A top-level performance places huge demands on your body. Not only does it require energy but also many nutrients, including proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Of course, a healthy diet forms the basis for this, but a good multivitamin can offer you additional support. That’s why most top-level athletes choose to take a multivitamin supplement every day. This gives you complete peace of mind so you can focus on achieving your best performance yet.

Multivitamin without B6

Excess vitamin B6 can result in unpleasant complaints. For example, high vitamin B6 levels can result in tingling, numbness, and nerve pain in the hands and feet. In top-level sport, it became apparent that many athletes’ vitamin B6 levels were much too high. That’s why Virtuoos, together with professional athletes and top-level sport medics, decided to formulate a multivitamin without B6. Multi Health Support Gold (without B6) is still one of the few multivitamins that does not contain vitamin B6.

When is it particularly beneficial to take a multivitamin?

A daily multivitamin forms a sound basis for every athlete, but there are certain times when a multivitamin is particularly beneficial. This includes:

  • Periods with an energy-restrictive diet (lower consumption of nutrients)
  • During domestic and international travel
  • A stay abroad
  • Periods of intense training or competitions
  • Food intolerances in which products or product groups must be avoided
  • A vegetarian diet

Is Multi Health Support Gold (without B6) also suitable for non-athletes?

Multi Health Support Gold (without B6) is also certainly a good multivitamin even if you’re not a fanatic athlete. This multivitamin is developed specifically to meet the high quality requirements set in top-level sport. That’s why this multivitamin is of the highest quality. Multi Health Support Gold (without B6) is also ideal for everyone who wants to give their health a real boost.

Multivitamin with aronia berries and Pycnogenol®

As well as essential vitamins and minerals for athletes, this multivitamin also contains aronia berry extract and the patented ingredient, Pycnogenol®. Like blueberries and blackberries, aronia berries are rich in antioxidants in the form of anthocyanins. This flavonoid gives a blue-violet tint to flowers and fruits. Pycnogenol® is a high-quality extract from the pinus pinaster and is full of polyphenols. Pycnogenol® is particularly rich in proanthocyanidins (OPCs), which have a strong antioxidant action.

NZVT Certified

Multi Health Support Gold (without B6) is produced in accordance with the anti-doping standards and other standards of the NZVT system (Anti-Doping Authority for the Netherlands) and therefore displays the NZVT logo. Multi Health Support Gold (without B6) can be used by top-level athletes with confidence, so that they can concentrate on delivering an optimum athletic performance with peace of mind.

Special ingredient

Recommended use
Take one capsule a day with plenty of water, preferably with a meal.

2021 - Lieke Klaver - Virtuoos

Since December 2012 we are only allowed to publish product data sheets and product information that contain approved health claims by a European scientific organization – as a result of the European regulations on nutrient claims. This limits Virtuoos’ ability to provide information, as many health effects of diets and dietary supplements are (still) not recognized by this organization as sufficiently scientifically substantiated.

Composition per daily dose (one vegetarian capsule)
Ingredient Quantity %RI
Beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) 5 mg 104
Vitamin B1 (as thiamine nitrate) 1,9 mg 175
Vitamin B2 (as riboflavin) 2,5 mg 175
Vitamin B3 (as nicotinamide) 28 mg 175
Vitamin B5 (as D-calcium pantothenate) 10,5 mg 175
Vitamin B7 (as biotin) 50 mcg 100
Vitamin B9 (as folic acid) 350 mcg 175
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin in mannitol) 7,5 mcg 300
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 160 mg 200
Quali®-D vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 10 mcg 200
Vitamin E (natural, as D-α-tocopheryl acetate) 24 mg 200
Vitamin K2 (natural, as menaquinone) 75 mcg 100
Iron (as iron(II) fumarate) 7 mg 50
Iodine (as potassium iodide) 75 mcg 50
Zinc (as citrate) 10 mg 100
Chromium (as picolinate) 40 mcg 100
Copper (as bisglycinate) 1 mg 100
Manganese (as bisglycinate) 2 mg 100
Molybdenum (as sodium molybdate) 50 mcg 100
Selenium (as L-selenomethionine) 55 mcg 100
Bromelain 25 mg *
Pomegranate extract 75 mg *
Aronia berry 75 mg *
Fruit complex 25 mg *
Pycnogenol® (pine bark extract) 20 mg *
Citrus flavonoids 20 mg *
 RI = Reference intake
* RI not determined

“Premium vitamins by DSM – Quali®-D is a Trademark of DSM”
“Pycnogenol® is a Trademark of Horphag Research”

Health claim(s) High-quality multivitamin
Carefully formulated with optimal dosage
Tailored to the needs of athletes
Without vitamin B6
Contains the patented ingredient Pycnogenol®
Quarter pack (90 vegetarian capsules)
Dietary Supplement
Category Vitamines, minerals and herbs


Product information
Recommended use Take one vegetarian capsule a day with plenty of water, preferably with a meal.
Storage Keep in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of small children.
Warnings Do not exceed the recommended dosage. A healthy lifestyle is important, as is a varied diet. A nutritional supplement is not a substitute for a varied diet.
Ingredients Vitamins, hypromellose (capsule shell), potato starch (filler), pomegranate, aronia berry, minerals, fruit complex, Quali®-D, Pycnogenol®, citrus flavonoids, sunflower oil (flow improver), titanium dioxide (dye capsule shell).
Additional information
This product does not contain any known allergens and is suitable for
In same field vision
Content: 30 vegetarian capsules
Nett weight: 25 grams

Content: 90 vegetarian capsules
Nett weight: 65 grams

EAN 30 capsules | 8718444860273
90 capsules | 8718444860778


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