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Proteins are important nutrients for your muscles. It is essential that athletes take in enough protein to repair and strengthen muscle tissue. You can do this via your normal diet, but that can sometimes be difficult. Protein supplements are the ideal solution for this. Our high-quality protein supplements will help you meet the increased protein needs you have as an athlete.

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Protein for athletes

Virtuoos protein supplements are made especially for athletes. Proteins help muscle recovery after physical exercise and support muscle growth. The effect that proteins have on your body depends on the type of training you do. If you participate in a lot of endurance sport, you won’t suddenly build a lot of extra muscle mass. Sufficient proteins ensure optimum muscle recovery and enhance the effects of your endurance training. Protein supplements are certainly also useful for endurance athletes. For bodybuilders, protein supplements help build muscle mass.

Proteins for athletes

As an athlete, your protein needs are higher than those of non-athletes. It is recommended that endurance athletes consume 1.4 – 1.6 g protein per kg body weight per day. It is recommended that bodybuilders consume 1.6 g – 2.0 g protein per kg body weight per day. Protein needs can be higher if the goal is to build optimal muscle mass or if you have a negative energy balance (weight loss). Consuming around 0.3 g protein per kg body weight every three to four hours provides an optimal spread over the day.

The difference between whey and casein proteins

There are two important forms of protein supplement. Whey proteins and casein proteins. Whey proteins are absorbed quickly by your body, making them ideal for quick recovery after training or a competition. Casein proteins are absorbed more slowly, which makes them perfect to take just before sleeping. Read more here in our blog about the difference between whey and casein proteins.

Difference between Whey Recovery Gold and Whey Classic Gold

Whey Recovery Gold and Whey Classic Gold are two different whey protein supplements in our range. The main difference between the two is the amount of essential amino acids. Whey Recovery Gold contains slightly more BCAAs and leucine than Whey Classic Gold. This makes the quality of this protein supplement somewhat higher than Whey Classic Gold. And yet, Whey Classic Gold is still a high quality protein supplement and is a good option for most people.

Plant-based proteins

Would you rather get extra protein in a plant-based way? Our Vegan Protein Blend Gold is the perfect solution. This protein blend consists of pea and brown rice protein. Two plant-based protein sources that complement each other perfectly. In addition, extra amino acids have been added to further optimize the composition of this vegan protein powder. This makes our Vegan Protein Blend Gold the ideal plant-based alternative to whey proteins.

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