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As well as packages for specific sports, we have also developed various basic packages. Select one of these packages for a convenient way to get all the supplements you need for your specific goals. You can choose a Basic Package, Sleep Package and an Immunity Package. Continue reading for more information on the three packages.

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The basic packages

Basic Package

  • Multi Oxidant Control Gold (without B6)
  • Krill Omega-3 Gold
  • D3-600 IU Gold

The Basic Package is intended as a daily supplement for every athlete. This package ensures that your basic health stays in tip top condition. After all, great performance starts with good health.

Sleep Package

  • Magnesium Gold
  • ProNite Gold

Difficulty sleeping? A good night’s sleep is essential for every athlete. This Sleep Package can help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality.

Immunity Package

  • D3-3000 Gold
  • Vitamin C1000 Gold
  • Zinc Gold

Give your immune system a boost during the cold autumn and winter months or during intensive periods of training and competitions. The Immunity Package was formulated especially for this. Vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc are important for your immune system and help you maintain good immunity.

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