Caffeine Gold 50 mg


Specifically suitable for (professional) athletes.

A pure performance, because this product is nzvt-certified.

Contains 90 vegetarian capsules

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Virtuoos’ Caffeine Gold 50 mg is a dietary supplement to enhance the performances of professional athletes. Caffeine enhances test time performances.

Caffeine Gold 50 mg is endowed with the NZVT logo. NZVT is an abbreviation of the ‘Nederlands Zekerheidssysteem Voedingssupplementen Topsport’ (Anti Doping Authority for the Netherlands.) This certification guarantees the athlete that the dietary supplement is free of doping.

Daily Usage
Consult your trainer/physician for usage.


Since December 2012 we are only allowed to publish product data sheets and product information that contain approved health claims by a European scientific organization – as a result of the European regulations on nutrient claims. This limits Virtuoos’ ability to provide information, as many health effects of diets and dietary supplements are (still) not recognized by this organization as sufficiently scientifically substantiated.

Component per daily dosage
(1 capsule)
Ingredient Amount %RDA Compound
Caffeine 50 mg
 RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Productname Caffeine Gold 50 mg
Item number 097
Health claims Specifically suitable for (professional) athletes.
Dietary supplement Yes
Category Other
Price € 20,00


Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) Consult your trainer/physician for usage.
Storage Store in a dark, dry and cool place, out of the reach and sight of young children
Warnings Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Contains caffeine. Not recommended for children and pregnant women. A healthy lifestyle and a varied diet are of vital importance. A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied diet.
Ingredients Amylum solani (filler), Caffeine anhydrate, HMP Cellulose (capsule shell), Talcum (flow enhancer), Titanium dioxide (coloring for capsule shell).
Allergy information This product does not contain any known allergens.


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Anti Doping Certificate

Caffeine improves performance. It primarily stimulates the central nervous system. The perception and feeling of fatigue is reduced. (Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors).

Can be used by:

  • Endurance athletes. During exertions of more than two minutes it has a performance enhancing effect.
  • Can be used by recreational and professional athletes.
  • Helps during training activities aimed at increasing endurance.


Additional information:

  • Literature is not yet unambiguous about the effect during strength training.
  • Dosages of 3 to 6 mg per kilogram of body weight are used in practice. A higher dosage does not seem to be useful and can cause unwanted effects (increased heart rate, vibration, headache and insomnia).
  • Every individual responds differently to caffeine. The same dosage can have a stronger or weaker effect on another athlete.
  • Test it first during a training. Always start with a low dosage and determine which dosage makes you feel comfortable.
  • Literature indicates that caffeine does not provide additional moisture secretion (through urine).

Depending on the type of exertion, beta alanine can be advised as well.