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Vegan Protein Blend Gold


Our vegan protein comprises a unique pea and rice protein blend, supplemented with extra amino acids for optimal composition. A protein powder that delivers the same quality as animal whey protein, but 100% plant-based. Good for you and the planet!

Contains 750 grams
Flavour Vanilla

High Protein – 22 g protein per shake

Over 5 g of BCAAs per shake

Perfect blend of pea and rice protein

With extra amino acids for optimal composition

Delicious creamy vanilla flavour

Our vegan protein blend is the plant-based protein powder for athletes and everyone who prefers an easy way to consume extra protein. The high protein quality ensures optimum muscle recovery and helps build muscle strength and mass. Plant-based protein used to be considered inferior to animal protein, but no longer.

The most complete vegan protein powder
Protein quality is mainly determined by the amount of essential amino acids it contains. Your body cannot produce these essential amino acids itself, which is why you need to get these from your diet. Although plant-based protein does contain all essential amino acids, the ratio of these is often not optimal. Combining pea protein with brown rice protein and adding specific amino acids has enabled us to develop a plant-based protein powder that competes with whey protein quality.

Per shake, Vegan Protein Blend Gold contains at least:

  • 22 g protein
  • 11 g essential amino acids
  • 5 g BCAAs

Using vegan protein powder
Our vegan protein powder is the ideal way to boost your protein consumption. The highly soluble powder is easy to mix with water or plant-based milk to make a delicious creamy shake. You can enjoy Vegan Protein Blend Gold at any time of day, for example:

  • At breakfast, mixed with your porridge oats or in a smoothie
  • After exercise, to stimulate immediate muscle recovery
  • Just before going to bed, to stimulate night-time recovery
  • As a nutritional snack

Good for the planet
This 100% plant-based protein shake is not only good for you it’s also great for the planet. Plant-based protein is actually much less harmful to the planet than animal protein. This is because less land and water is needed to grow plant-based protein.

NZVT Certified
Every batch of Vegan Protein Blend Gold is produced in accordance with the NZVT system’s (Anti-Doping Authority for the Netherlands) anti-doping and other standards and therefore displays the NZVT logo. This means that high performance athletes can use Vegan Protein Blend Gold with confidence. Pure supplements are also important for those who aren’t high performance athletes. Contamination with harmful or prohibited substances and incorrect labelling are common problems in the supplement world. Our high-end production process, focus on quality and the independent NZVT seal of approval mean you can rest assured that you’re consuming a pure product.

Additional information
Vegan Protein Blend Gold is made entirely from plant-based protein, making it suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Recommended use
Dissolve a level measuring scoop (32 g) in 200-250 ml of water or plant-based milk.

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For whom is vegan protein powder suitable?
Everyone can benefit from the positive effects of vegan protein powder. The high protein quantity helps build muscle mass and support muscle recovery. Essential for fanatic athletes as well as those who prefer to put less strain on their muscles.

Is 22 g per serving enough protein?
Vegan Protein Blend Gold does not only contain 22 g pea and brown rice protein it is also supplemented with specific amino acids. This means the total amount of amino acids is higher than the 22 g from the rice and pea protein. Per shake Vegan Protein Blend Gold contains at least 11 g essential amino acids and 5 g BCAAs, so you can be certain that you’re consuming enough nutrients to support optimal recovery.

Why choose a plant-based protein blend?
Plant-based protein often contains a non-optimal ratio of amino acids. You create a more complete amino acid profile with a plant-based protein blend. The amino acid profiles of pea and brown rice complement each other well. That’s why this combination forms the basis of our Vegan Protein Blend Gold.

What can I drink plant-based protein with?
You can add this to everything you enjoy. You can simply dissolve protein powder in water or in almond milk, oat milk, rice milk or coconut milk, for instance. Or make a delicious smoothie with fruit (fresh or frozen), oats and vegan protein powder.

Why are amino acids added to the vegan protein?
The extra amino acids in Vegan Protein Blend Gold increases the protein quality yet further. By adding exactly the right amount of amino acids, we ensure a complete amino acid profile, comparable to the renowned whey protein.

Is vegan protein powder just as good as whey protein powder?
Not every vegan protein powder is as good as whey. Vegan protein is often low in certain essential amino acids. That’s why protein powders from one protein source are often less good than whey. Combining various vegan protein powders and enriching these with amino acids enables us to achieve a comparable composition to whey.

When can I use vegan protein powder?
Vegan protein powder can be enjoyed at any time of day. You can use it:

  • After exercise
  • Before going to bed
  • Mixed in your breakfast
  • Or at any other time you need extra protein
Vegan Protein Blend Gold is a plant-based protein blend with extra amino acids, sweetened with sweetener.
Dissolve a level measuring scoop (32 g) in 200-250 ml of water or plant-based
StorageKeep in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of young children.
A healthy lifestyle is important, as is a varied diet. A nutritional supplement is not a substitute for a varied diet.
IngredientsPlant-based protein blend (pea protein, brown rice protein), unique amino acid blend (L-Leucine, L-Lysine HCL, L-Threonine, L-Glutamine, L-Isoleucine, L-Methionine, L-Alanine, L-Valine), aromas, thickening agent (xanthan gum), sweetener (sucralose).
Additional information
This product does not contain any known allergens and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
In same field of visionNet weight : 750 grams
 Per 100 gramsPer  portion (30 grams)
Nutritional value  
– Kilojoule (kJ)
1344 kJ
430 kJ
– Kilocalorieën (kcal)321 kcal103 kcal
3,4 g1,1 g
 – of which saturates0,7 g0,2 g
4,8 g1,5 g
 – of which sugars
0,5 g0,2 g
1,3 g0,4 g
67 g22 g
2,7 g0,87 g


Amino Acidper 100 grams
Alanine3,1 g
Arginine5,3 g
Asparagine acid
6,9 g
Cysteine0,6 g
Glutamine acid11,6 g
Glycine2,5 g
1,6 g
4,1 g
8,8 g
7,2 g
1,9 g
3,1 g
2,8 g
3,1 g
5,3 g
0,6 g
2,2 g
3,4 g

*BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

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