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Sports Nutrition - Maurten

Virtuoos has a special partnership with Swedish brand Maurten in the area of sports nutrition products. Both sports brands operate internationally, are committed to innovation, and strive for the highest achievable level in terms of quality, health, and performance.

The products marketed by Virtuoos and Maurten complement one another perfectly.Together they deliver a total solution for athletes in the area of supplements and sports nutrition products. The Virtuoos-Maurten combination is used by a leading sports team SD Worx.

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Maurten’s sports nutrition products

Maurten noticed that many endurance athletes developed stomach complaints after taking sports nutrition products during sporting activities. Maurten came up with a solution for this by developing a hydrogel, a technology that encapsulates carbohydrates (the fuel). The advantage of this hydrogel compared to regular sports nutrition products is that the carbohydrates are only released into the intestines at a later stage.

In the world of marathons, Maurten’s sports nutrition products have been used by some of the best-performing athletes such as Eliud Kipchoge and Mo Farah for a number of years now. Triathlete Jan Frodeno has been using Maurten for quite some time now, and in peloton cycling Maurten is the official sports nutrition product supplier for the Education First team.

Sports nutrition products for endurance sports

Carbohydrates are the most important fuel for athletes. Endurance sports involve long-duration exercise, which drains the carbohydrate reserves in the muscles. Sports nutrition products are an ideal way for endurance athletes to top up their energy levels while working out, or during matches and sporting events. Thus sports nutrition products are ideal for endurance sports as running, cycling and triathlons. But sports nutrition products are also suitable for other sports such as football or speedskating.

Nutrition before exercise

Before taking part in any sporting activities, it is important to eat carbohydrate-rich foods, to top up your body’s carbohydrate stores. Additionally, sports nutrition products can be used. If you need a quick energy boost just before taking part in sporting activities, then sports nutrition products are ideal. This is because sports nutrition products can be easily digested by your body. They make energy immediately available for your body, enabling you to perform well when running, cycling or playing football, for example.

Nutrition during exercise

For avid athletes, it is important to top up their energy levels during exercise. Especially during endurance sports, such as running or cycling, it is important to have sufficient carbohydrates (energy) continuously available. In team sports,  such as football or hockey, sports nutrition products are also vital for optimal performance. Taking a gel at half time helps to top up your energy stores, so you can give it everything you’ve got in the last part of the match.

It is best for avid athletes to take 30-60 grams of carbohydrates per hour during periods of intense exercise. Particularly when the exercise lasts longer than 60 minutes, for example when cycling, on a long run, or playing a football match. Top athletes or highly experienced athletes can even train their gut to take in higher amounts of carbohydrates, around 90-100 grams per hour. They can achieve this by using gels and sports drinks.

Buy sports nutrition products

At Virtuoos you can buy the highest quality sports nutrition products. We have five different products, two energy gels and three sports drinks. Below is a list of all the Maurten sports nutrition products that you can buy at Virtuoos.

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