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After an intensive training session or competition, you want your muscles to recover as quickly as possible. Recovery supplements can contribute to a faster and better recovery of your body and muscles. Below you will find our full range of supplements that promote muscle recovery. This includes protein supplements, amino acids, and vitamins that have been specially formulated to support your recovery and health after exercise.

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Muscle recovery after training

During busy training or competition periods, it is especially important to recover quickly so that you can perform at your best the next time. This first means getting enough carbohydrates, protein, and liquids. But you can also use recovery supplements to further promote your recovery after exercise. For more information, read our blogs with tips to reduce muscle ache after strenuous exercise.

Supplements for muscle recovery

To promote optimal muscle recovery after strenuous exercise, it’s essential to provide your body with sufficient protein. Our protein supplements Whey Classic Gold, Whey Recovery Gold, and Casein Gold contain high-quality protein and are the perfect solution for those moments when your body requires extra protein for muscle recovery.

We also have loose amino acid supplements in our range to further support your muscle recovery around a training session, including BCAA Instant Gold.

Complete recovery

Good performance starts with a good recovery. After exercise, your energy stores are considerably depleted. By supplementing carbohydrates in addition to proteins, you ensure that your energy supplies are replenished for your next training or competition. Our Recovery Gold recovery shake offers a complete recovery through the combination of high-quality proteins and quickly absorbable carbohydrates.

Joints and tendons

Collagen Gold with vitamin C is a product that contributes to the formation of collagen, which is important for maintaining healthy bones and cartilage in the joints. Collagen supplements are widely used in the sports world during rehabilitation after an injury.

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