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Virtuoos is a market leading Dutch company, which aims at developing and marketing high quality, and safe dietary supplements for (professional) athletes. A multidisciplinary academic team consisting of pharmacists, biochemists and business administrators amongst others are the driving force behind the brand Virtuoos.

Virtuoos’ goal is to develop high-end micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that satisfy the ever-changing needs and lifestyles of our clients. We achieve this by means of ‘Co-creation’ in close cooperation with specific buyers and target groups.

Top-class sports
Virtuoos has its roots in top-class sports. Many national and international star athletes, cyclists, skaters, triathletes, martial artists, footballers, hockey players, tennis players, rowers and other athletes use our effective dope-free dietary supplements on a daily basis.

Virtuoos solely uses superior biologically active materials in its supplements. Every batch from the Orange line (orange packaging) will be approved by the Dutch Dope Authority as a standard procedure. Virtuoos is the only company in the world that strictly inspects every batch for its product level. This is how we guarantee dope free dietary supplements.

Athletes and people with an active lifestyle
Virtuoos developed the Blue line (blue packaging) for athletes and people with an active lifestyle. These supplements are not inspected by the Dutch Dope Authority, but they are 100% pure and of great quality.

The newest innovations and techniques from the Orange line have been processed into these high-quality products. This is similar to Formula 1 cars and ordinary passenger cars. Everyone who drives a car profits from the developments in Formula 1. Searching for the most optimal dietary supplements to support the body is very alike.