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Team Sports

Staying in good health is an important factor in maximizing your results as a team sport athlete. A healthy lifestyle combined with the correct supplements can help you achieve this. Additionally, you can make use of specific supplements and sports nutrition products to take your results to the next level. Which supplements are optimal for your performance depends on which sport you do as well as your role in it. Read on below to find out more about creatine, protein powders, and energy gels for team sports athletes.

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Creatine in team sports

Creatine supplements are used by many team sports athletes. In many team sports, such as rugby, football, hockey, volleyball, and basketball, explosiveness and strength are major factors. Creatine improves your explosiveness and strength while helping you to build muscle mass. As strength, explosiveness, and muscle mass are important factors in rugby, creatine is a perfect supplement for rugby players. Creatine can also be a valuable supplement for other team sports. For example, creatine can contribute to the creation of muscle mass and increases to muscular strength ensuring you are stronger in one-vs-ones. In non-contact sports such as volleyball, creatine is especially helpful in improving explosiveness and strength. This means that creatine helps you accelerate, jump higher, and shoot harder.

Proteins for team sports athletes

As a team sports athlete, ensuring that your muscles recover is of great importance. Your body has to handle many twists and turns, jumps, tackles, falls, and physical one-vs-ones. To ensure good recovery for your muscles after a training session or match, you need to have sufficient protein intake. In general, team sports athletes are advised to consume between 1.6 and 2.0 grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight per day. Protein supplements can help you achieve this. After a training session or match, whey proteins are ideal. Before you go to bed, you can consider a casein supplement to promote recovery during the night.

Proteins also help you become stronger and in gaining muscle mass. In sports such as rugby and football, sufficient protein intake helps you gain additional strength for one-vs-ones as well as improving your ability to jump and shoot.

Sports nutrition for team sports athletes

During training sessions or matches, team sports athletes need to have enough energy. The amount of carbohydrates in your body is of particular importance, because carbohydrates are the most important fuel for your body. Both your muscles and your brain work best when fuelled by carbohydrates. To ensure that you stay sharp for the entire game and can keep on performing, you need to have enough energy (in other words, carbohydrates) readily available. Maurten’s sports nutrition products can help with this. You can consume the sports drink or energy gel before, during, or after a training session or match.

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