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Receive a 20% discount on ProNite Gold and Magnesium Gold*. Use the discount code 20%slaap.
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You can find our complete range of sport and dietary supplements below. Our supplement bundles are included there too. All our supplements are of the highest quality, which is why these are used by over 70% of Dutch top-level athletes. Close partnerships with the top-level sporting world enable us to continue to formulate and market new and relevant sports supplements. This ensures that athletes like you can rest assured that your supplements are always of the highest quality.

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The highest-quality sports supplements

Quality comes first at Virtuoos. All our dietary supplements are formulated with care, and each batch is subject to independent quality tests. We also test all individual raw materials and keep strict controls on the entire production process. All Virtuoos sports supplements have the NZVT quality mark, which means that top-level athletes have no hesitation in using our supplements.

What are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements, or simply supplements, are products with active ingredients that you can use to supplement your daily diet. You can use various types of dietary supplements. You can supplement your daily diet with vitamins and minerals, but there are also other nutrients you can take as a supplement. There are protein supplements, for example, but omega-3 fatty acids or probiotics can also be used as supplements.

When can you use sports supplements?

Sports supplements can be used in many situations. Not everyone gets enough nutrients via their daily diet. And as athlete, you often need extra nutrients. A daily multivitamin and a protein shake after exercise are a routine for most athletes. But supplements are also beneficial if you have a specific need for certain nutrients: vitamin D in the autumn or winter months, for example, or a creatine supplement for strength athletes. If you hardly consume oily fish, an omega-3 supplement can be a good option for you, or if you’re feeling tired you could try iron or magnesium. As you can see, supplements can be a real help in many situations. Use the online supplement test to find out which sports supplements would be most beneficial for you.

Buy sports supplements
If you want to buy dietary supplements, it is important that you know what you’re buying. Not all supplement brands are of the same quality, and there are huge differences in supplement formulations and dosage. It is often the case that supplements do not contain what is stated on the label – or worse: that they do contain substances that are not stated on the label. This can result in top-level athletes testing positive in doping tests. Unfortunately, this still happens in top-level sport and the repercussions are huge. It is also important for amateur athletes that the supplements they buy are of high quality. Of course, everyone wants the best for their body.

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If you want to know which sports supplements are most beneficial for you, take the online supplement test and discover your Xtra%!

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