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Football supplementation protocol

As a footballer, it is important to be in peak condition all year round. You want to retain your place in the starting lineup or prove that you deserve a place in it. You want to show off your best skills throughout the year so that you can take the next step in your career. Good all-round health is important to stay in peak condition. Specific supplementation can help you optimize your recovery, health, and performance.

The best supplements for you depends on factors such as your goal, position, diet, needs, and any specific issues to be taken into consideration. This protocol contains practical tips to make it easy for you to determine what type of supplementation is suitable for you.

 Basic supplementation

General basis

Autumn and winter months

 Performance supplementation
Performance supplementation


 Supplementation for specific goals

Building muscle mass

Reducing fat percentage

Vegetarian or vegan diet

Stress/difficulty sleeping

Rehabilitation/injury recovery

Busy competition period

During international travel

Cartilage problems/symptoms

Gastrointestinal problems