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The R in the month: how do you avoid getting a cold?

It’s autumn again, and that means there’s an R in the month. For many people in the Netherlands, this is the time to take those supplements out of the cupboard and really work on a healthy immune system. Do you really need to do this to prevent getting colds and what’s the best thing you can do? We explain it all here.

The origin of the R in the month

An R in the month used to mean that fresh vegetables and fruit were less readily available. This meant that it was harder to consume your daily vitamin requirements. These days, vegetables and fruit are fortunately available year-round. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take the autumn and winter months into account.

The combination of cold temperatures, high humidity, and low sunshine hours has a huge impact on your immunity. And with this being cold and flu season, it is always important to take good care of your body.

The challenges for a runner

As a runner, you will have to face adverse weather and wind when running in the autumn and winter months. The cold and rain that you defy every week makes your body more susceptible to colds. That’s why having a strong immune system is essential. Getting enough sleep and eating healthily can give your body a helping hand.

However, it can be rather difficult to obtain sufficient nutrients. That’s why a good multivitamin is an ideal addition. Multi Oxidant Control Gold (without B6) from Virtuoos has been specially formulated for athletes and is a perfect match for your needs as a runner. Does your immunity need a boost? As well as a healthy lifestyle and a good multivitamin you can also decide to take additional vitamin C, vitamin D, or zinc.

1. Extra vitamin C for runners

Vitamin C is the most well-known vitamin for your immunity, and not without reason. Vitamin C is certainly interesting for runners. This is because vitamin C contributes to keeping your immune system healthy and offers additional support during physical exertion. Two huge plus points! You consume enough vitamin C by eating a lot of vegetables and fruit. But as this can sometimes be difficult, you may wish to take a supplement for extra assurance. For instance Vitamin C1000 Gold from Virtuoos.

2. Vitamin D for runners

Like vitamin C, vitamin D is important for a healthy immune system. But vitamin D fulfils many more important functions for you as a runner. Vitamin D is also important for muscle function and for the composition of your bones, so it’s vital for runners!

Running in the dark

As there are fewer sunlight hours in the autumn and winter months, you’ll have to run regularly in the dark. You also wear more clothing and the sunlight isn’t so strong. This means your skin is exposed to sunlight much less, and your body therefore produces less vitamin D. A vitamin D deficiency in these months is quite common. Many people opt to take a supplement to make sure they obtain enough vitamin D in the autumn and winter months.

A dose of 400-600IU is sufficient to maintain healthy vitamin D levels, for instance D3-600IU Gold from Virtuoos. If your vitamin D levels are low you can opt for a higher dose, for instance D3-3000 IU Gold.

3. Zinc for runners

Zinc is also a crucial nutrient for all athletes. Zinc is actually an antioxidant and plays an important role in building protein. Zinc is mainly found in meat, fish, dairy, wholegrain products, nuts, and seeds. You can take a supplement to top up your daily intake. Make sure that the dose isn’t too high as too much is not good for you either. Zinc Gold from Virtuoos contains the optimal dose of 15 mg zinc.

Immunity package

We have formulated a special Immunity Package to support a healthy immune system. This package contains all three of the above-mentioned products, namely vitamin C1000 Gold, vitamin D3-3000 IU Gold, and Zinc Gold.

Many top athletes also use this package.